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Tools and support

Tools and support

IT Support / Wireless network

Wireless network for mobile devices

Setup of wireless network connection to Eduroam for Android and iOS mobile devices, such as iPad and iPhone.


  • Everyone with a username and password from HiOA or another university or university college have access to the wireless network Eduroam.

  • Students from other universities or university colleges must follow their institution’s setup for Eduroam.

  • The mobile device must have Internet connection to download the certificate for the Eduroam profile for HiOA.

Install security settings for eduroam

For increased security, you should download the Eduroam profile for HiOA. This ensures that no other than authorized institutions may purport to be providers of Eduroam.


  1. Wi-Fi for Android
  2. Wi-Fi for iOS for iPad and iPhone

1. Wi-Fi for Android

Automatic setup for Android

Manual setup for Android

Automatic setup for Android

  1. Download the app EduroamCAT application from Google Play
  2. Download the Eduroam file for Android 4.4 KitKat or 5.0 Lollipop (
  3. Username: HiOA


  • For students:
  • For staff:

4. Enter password: Your HiOA password


1. Manual setup for Android

  1. Go to the menu or Settings.
  2. Select Wi-Fi and switch Wi-Fi on
Skjermbilde for Android - manuelt oppsett av Wi-Fi - eduraom.
2. Network connection

On the list of available networks:

  • Select "eduroam"
Skjermbilde for Android - velge eduroam i nettverksliste.
3. Username and password
You will be asked to set your identity and password.
3.1 Identity

Enter: HiOA


  • For students:
  • For staff:
3.2 Password
  • Enter your HiOA password

Be sure to differentiate between small and capital letters.

3.3 Connect
  • Enter Connect to finish the setup.
Skjermbilde for Android - skriv inn og passord ved HiOA for eduroam.
4. Eduroam connection

You are now connected to eduroam.

  • To make sure you are connected, open the browser on your mobile and download a website.
Skjermbilde for Android - tilkoblet eduraom.

2. Wi-Fi for iOS for iPad and iPhone

Note! Select manual setup if you do not have Wi-Fi connection.

Automatic setup for iOS

Manual setup for iOS

Automatic setup for iOS

Do the following

  1. Download the Eduroam profile for Apple iOS mobile devices and install the profile on your iPad (
  2. Please accept the certificate.
  3. Username: HiOA


  • For students:
  • For staff:

4. Password: Enter HiOA password


Manual setup for iOS

1. Select: Settings
Skjermbilde: Velg Innstillinger
2. Select Wi-Fi
  1. Set Wi-Fi ON if it is not turned on (activate the button at the top right).
  2. Select the network Eduroam in the list below.
Skjermbilde: Velg Wi-Fi og Eduroam i listen over nettverk
3. Username  and password


1. Username: HiOA


  • For students:
  • For staff:

2. Password: HiOA password

3. Tap the button: "Connect " on the top right.

Skjermbilde: Legg inn og passord


4. Certificate
  • Tap "Accept" (Godta) to accept the certificate to
Skjermbilde: Godta sertifikatet for eduroam


5. Wi-Fi connection
  • The device is now connected: Eduroam is checked.
Skjermbilde: Enheten er nå tilkoblet eduroam