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Health, Safety and Environment / Health and environment

Ventilation and indoor climate

Information about ventilation and indoor climate at OsloMet.


The ventilation systems are usually operating between 06:00 and 18:00.

In periods of the year with rapid temperature fluctuations the ventilation system can seem to be lagging since the temperature inside does not match the outdoor conditions.

Need for extra ventilation

If ventilation is needed outside of normal hours, this must be notified of in advance, no later than Wednesday the week before the event or meeting (there is no need to notify of events that have been scheduled before Wednesday the week ahead).

Factors that affect the indoor climate

  • Number of persons in the room for which the system is intended
  • Air, heat and cooling
  • Cleaning, mess and dust
  • Amount of textiles and papers
  • Technological aids
  • Sound and light

The Department of Facilities Management must

  • Make sure that the ventilation systems are functioning and that the cleaning is satisfactory
  • Check air quality and evaluate measures
  • Involve Occupational Health Services, if required
  • Inspect the workplace and prepare an action list
  • Relate to the Working Environment Act and the Planning and Building Act

The individual's responsibility

  • Make sure to keep the workplace tidy so as to facilitate for the cleaner
  • Limit the amount of paper and textiles
  • Turn off technical aids (PC, etc.) when not in use