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Travel insurance

If you use Berg-Hansen you are automatically insured for the trip.


Travel insurance when booking by phone or e-mail

Booking by phone or e-mail

When booking trips from Berg-Hansen Reisebureau AS via telephone or email, travel insurance is always included  – even if you have not entered your credit card details in Webgate (online booking).

Travel account insurance

HiOA has a travel account at American Express Corporate Card.

  • If you book a trip from Berg-Hansen via telephone and get the invoice sent, you will be covered by the American Express Travel Insurance.
  • The travel account then works the same way as a credit card.


When using the travel account, the invoice will therefore come from American Express and not from Berg-Hansen.

Cancellation insurance

Cancellation insurance is included in the travel insurance and applies, on equal basis with other travel insurances, only in case of illness documented by a medical certificate or in other serious situations.

  • It is therefore important that the employee checks the cancellation conditions in the type of ticket they book, see below.

Travel insurance when booking online in Webgate

When booking trips via Webgate, you must enter your own credit card details to pay for the trip. All types of credit cards can be used.

  • NB! If you have entered your own credit card details in Webgate, it is the insurance of this card that will apply, unless you specifically request that the HiOA travel account (see above) is charged for the trip.
  • The insurance of the credit card company in question applies and will cover you during  travel and stay. Both American Express and Eurocard Corporate Gold come with such agreements.
  • More than 50% of the transport costs must be paid by credit card.
  • You may also enter a debit card number (an example of such a card is a regular VISA on a salary account) in Webgate, but with these cards, travel insurance is not included.  


It is therefore recommended that employees apply for a free credit card from American Express or Eurocard Corporate Gold to use for business travel.

Alternatively you can purchase a private travel insurance that covers business trips.

Other types of insurance

Usually, HiOA does not cover travel insurances for employees (e.g. annual insurances) beyond what already covered by the travel agency agreement.

Equipment insurance

In exceptional cases, HiOA may cover extra insurance for equipment of their property, worth more than NOK 20 000,-

  • Equipment insurance is usually included in regular travel insurances.
  • All employees are asked to familiarise themselves with the conditions of their credit card insurance policies.
  • It is important to keep all original receipts in the case you have the right ro receive disbursements.
  • It is also the responsibility of each individual to report any claims and ensure that they are followed up.

European health insurance card

The university college also recommends all employees to book the free European health insurance card from NAV.

  • The European Health Insurance Card certifies that you are entitled to the reimbursement of expenses for necessary medical treatment during tempory stays in another EEA countries or in Switzerland.
  • With this card you have the right to the same treatment as the country’s citizens.

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Travel insurance for group trips

All participants of group trips are insured through our travel account with the travel agency / American Express.

  • It is therefore very important that all group trips are booked through them.

Insurance conditions for HiOA's company card

Insurance conditions Amex credit card / travel account (.PDF).

Short version on the insurance conditions of Amex credit card / travel account (.PDF).

Insurance conditions Eurocard Corporate Gold.


All travel must be booked through the Berg-Hansen Reisebureau AS. This applies to individual travel and group travel.