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Tools and support

Tools and support

Communications and profile / Translation

Translation into English

To ensure that correct English terminology is used, HiOA has permanent translators in addition to websites for terminology.

Internal translation 

You should always use internal resources before you contact an external supplier. Someone in your section or department may have the expertise to translate/ write texts in English. If you have questions about terminology, you can also contact Wenche Larsen in Department of Academic Affairs.

Documents applicable to HiOA as a whole, such as regulations, agreements and forms, can be sent to

External translation 

HiOA has signed a  framework agreement with Allegro Språktjenester AS. The agreement is valid for a two-year period from 1 December 2014 with an extension option for 1 + 1 year. The agreement has been prolonged to 1 December 2017. It concerns the translation of administrative texts from Norwegian bokmål /nynorsk to British English, in addition to proofreading of English texts. The agreement is binding for all administrative texts such as news articles, programme and course descriptions, online information, job announcements, brochures, regulations, procedure descriptions, project applications, etc. Proofreading of scientific texts can also be sent to Allegro, but the agreement is not binding for these types of texts.

Translations and proofreading can be ordered through the  purchaser at your unit.