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Study abroad scholarship for 2017

A total of 1 550 000 NOK is available in study abroad scholarships for Ph.D. candidates and postdoctoral fellows in 2017.

The grants support stays at research institutions abroad and thus contribute in strengthening contacts between HiOA and research institutions abroad. Scholarships of up to 200.000 NOK are grated to candidates travelling without family and up to 250.000 NOK for candidates travelling with family. The scholarships cover travel expenses and accommodation. You may apply for funding beyond the upper limit if the institution at which the applicant is planning to stay requires tuition fees or other applicable fees *. Candidates may apply for funding several times, yet can receive a maximum amount of 200.000/250.000 NOK as study abroad scholarship during their doctoral or postdoctoral tenure. In exceptional cases, HiOA may consider giving scholarships beyond the upper limit insofar as the stay abroad is considered to be of particular significance for research carried out at HiOA.

The applications are considered on a rolling basis (i.e., there is no deadline); expected processing time time is two weeks.

HiOA takes Norwegian Reserach Council's rates for stays abroad as a basis; those rates should be used when making a budget.

Applicants can receive financial support to stay at his or her Ph.D. granting institution abroad, provided that the allowance is used toward academic activities (e.g., seminars, lecture courses and meetings), which supplement mandatory requirements for any given doctoral program. Mandatory participation in doctoral training or activities related to data collection for the Ph.D. Thesis cannot be supported.

The budget for the study abroad scholarships for 2017 is allocated from the Internationalization project at HiOA.

The application

The application of up to three pages must include the following:

  • Purpose of visit
  • Justification of the choice of an institution, including the quality of the research at a particular unit the candidate seeks to be attached with
  •  Period of stay
  • Explanation how stay abroad is organized
  • Copy of agreement/letter of invitation from the host institution
  • Publication plan, which may include eventual co-authored publications with researchers from the research institution abroad
  • Letter of recommendation from the respective faculty/center/institute at HiOA. The letter of recommendation may mention of any plans for further cooperation with the research institution abroad in question
  • Expected benefits of stay abroad for both the applicant and HiOA
  • Budget that lists anticipated expenses for the stay abroad. The budget should also mention any own financial contributions from the faculty/centre/institute at HiOA of the stay beyond salaries and/or any eventual funds from external sources

Applicants must incorporate a rationale for staying abroad in their project description.

Applicants who intend to stay for three months or longer at a foreign institution will be given preference over applicants who intend to stay for shorter periods of time. Applicants who previously received funds may reapply, yet their applications will be considered down the priority list.


The application must be uploaded to P360, using the reference number 17/00164 well in advance, of potential traveling abroad. For help, the applicants may turn to the research administration at the faculty/center. In addition, the application should be sent by email to and Applications are processed on a rolling basis. It normally takes up to two weeks from the time the complete application is received before the candidate gets a decision on his or her application.

Questions should be directed to Vibeke Moe and Stine Johansen in the research administration at: Vibeke, tel. 2245-3114 or, tel. 6723-5125.

Please circulate the call for scholarships within professional circles.

Final Report

No later than two months after the stay abroad is completed the applicant is required to submit a short report on the outcomes of the stay. Note that any surplus may be subject to taxation, to be determined by the Norwegian tax authorities. After completing stay abroad the applicant may also be requested by the faculty/center administration to document the costs associated with his or her stay abroad.

* Ph.D. candidates should find out, in cooperation with the administration, if there exists any agreement on research and/or student exchange between HiOA and the host institution, or alternatively if such an agreement could be signed prior to the commencement of stay abroad. In many cases, such an agreement incorporates a clause of tuition waiver. It may also make it easier for the fellows to find rental property in connection with their stay. Applicants should be able to combine Erasmus + scholarship with overseas scholarships for as long as it does not involve double financing of their stay abroad.

Practical information

Practical information about staying abroad can be found on the website dedicated to research mobility and career development.