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Management on the agenda

The first session in the Programme for Research and Education Management was held at Lysebu on the 16th and 17th of October. In the photo: Tor Arne Dahl, Kari Hjerpaasen, Solfrid Tandberg Øhrn, Anne Berit Walter, Elisabeth Wille and Inger Marie Lindboe. Photo: Solveig Svantesen

Management on the agenda

Skilled and up-to-date managers are crucial for creating a good working environment and for providing high-quality research and education. This is why HiOA launched the programme "Research and Education Management" this autumn.

The target group is the Heads of Studies and Heads of Department. The aim is to provide them with the tools necessary to conduct skilled, professional and innovative management at HiOA.

- Both R&D and education, as well as administrative responsibility, fall into the area of responsibility of HiOA’s Heads of Studies and -Department. Consequently we have emphasized developing a programme that sees R&D and education in context, says Solveig Svantesen, Programme Manager for Leadership Development at HiOA.

Throughout four sessions, the first 16 programme participants will work with topics such as:

  • Innovation, development and change management in education and research
  • Coherence in the ​​responsibility area and the link between research and education
  • Management of research environments
  • Interdisciplinary collaboration
  • International cooperation in education and research
  • Role understanding and identity as a manager, as well as personal authority and leadership
  • Career and competence development, as well as result follow-up and feedback

- Higher education and research have become increasingly complex fields requiring ever more of us as managers. We must constantly develop and commit to understand how technology, interdisciplinarity, innovation and internationalisation affect and change our jobs. This offer is important and something all managers should sign up for and gain experience from, says Morten Irgens, Vice Rector for Research and Development.

Useful leadership networks

Anne Berit Walter, Head of Studies for the Bachelor's Degree Programme in Pharmacy, is one of the programme participants. She is very pleased after the first session at Lysebu in October.

- It is great that we now have a management programme at HiOA. As frontline managers we have a lot to deal with and it's important to be able to learn more about education and research management, she says.

Tulpesh Patel, Head of Studies at the Department of Information Technology, concurs.

- After the first session I have given a lot of thought to what kind of manager I am and want to be, like how I project my "authority" and what this means for how I manage situations that occur as well as my relationship with my subordinates. It has given me both confidence and inspiration to further develop, he says.

Both participants emphasize the benefits of establishing a network of managers at HiOA. - I think we can learn a lot from each other, Walter says.

Now they are looking forward to the next session in November, for which they have been given an assignment regarding collaboration zones.

- The assignment has helped me implement a lot of what we learned during the first session. I had already planned for several meetings with my closest employees about our roles and responsibilities. Now I can kill two birds with one stone by using the assignment to structure these meetings, and gain even more from the discussions than I otherwise would have, says Patel.

The participants will meet for three more sessions, taking place from November through March. In addition to the sessions, courses and workshops will be offered as recommended elective modules, as well as digital modules.

Programme for Research and Education Management

Research and ducation management is part of HiOA’s management development programme which was launched in 2014. This is one of two new programmes aimed at managing the core business.

In December, the Programme for Research Group Management will be launched.

The programmes use both internal and external academic contributors:

The main internal contributor is HiOAs School of Management Associate Professor Agnete Vabø as Vabø's research area is exactly higher education with projects on internationalisation, quality, organisation of research groups, etc.

The main external contributor is Mobilize Nordic, with Norwegian partner Are Hallan Syversen as the main resource. Mobilize is a Danish-Norwegian company that runs the research management programme for UiO. Syversen has experience from UiB, HiL, HiG, NFR and others. He has worked with strategic research management, coordination of research and education activities, management team development, the role of the Heads of Studies etc.

More about management development at HiOA (only in Norwegian)

Are you a Head of Studies/Department/Research and want to be part of the next programme?

Both programmes will start up again in 2019-20. Please contact the Programme Manager Solveig Svantesen.