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Self-archive a full text version of your paper in Cristin

Guidelines on how to upload a full text version of your document to ODA while registering in Cristin.

Easy guidance

Everyone must upload their scientific journal articles to Cristin. Upload both the publisher's PDF version and the postprint version of the articles. Everything you upload will be stored in a closed archive until the Learning Center and Library have gone through all the rights with the publisher. The article will then be made available in HiOA's open archive "Open Digital Archive", ODA.

If you need help, contact your CRIStin superuser.

See separate guidance for master's thesis on the student pages (

1. Log in to Cristin

Login happens through

2. Find the desired research result

You may upload to the following categories:

  • Journal publication - Scientific article.
  • Journal publication - Scientific overview article / review.
  • Book - Scientific anthology.
  • Book - Scientific Monograph.
  • Report / dissertation - Doctoral thesis.
  • Report / dissertation - Master's thesis.
  • Part of book / report - Scientific chapter / article.

3. Press "Submit Full Text Version of Document"

All documents must be submitted as PDF files. We accept documents from 2003 onwards.

4. Before uploading

You must confirm that you have the consent of your co-authors for the publication and that you have read and accepted the licensing agreement.

You must also specify which version of the article you will upload:

  • Preprint: submitted script from the author (not to be used).
  • Postprint: accepted peer-reviewed version including he most resent corrections, often with the tables at the end.
  • Publisher's original version: published version with publisher's layout.

We usually get permission to publish the postprint version. Feel free to upload both the postprint and the publisher's PDF.

5. Upload

The screenshot shows which files are already uploaded, if any.

Press "Browse" to browse files on your local computer.

After selecting the correct file: press "start" to start uploading. A separate screenshot will confirm that the upload is complete. The document and document information will then be transferred to ODA.

Rights clearance

The Learning Center and Library will, along with the publisher, check whether the document may be published. The duration of this process varies from a few days to several weeks depending on the publisher.

If you have questions they can be addressed to Trude Eikebrokk. Tlf.: 22 45 35 70, e-mail: