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Administrative support

Administrative support


Recruitment and appointment

Here are guidelines, procedures and forms relevant to the process of recruitment and appointment.


  1. Needs (here is a form for hourly paid work agreement)
  2. Announcement
  3. The interview process
  4. Appointment documents
  5. Promotion and expert assessment
  6. HiOA Start
  7. International recruitment and researcher mobility
  8. Appointment body - meetings and composition
  9. Laws and regulations

1. Needs

Do you need a permanent, temporary or hourly paid employee? Here you will find what you need.

The decision tree below will help you choose the right appointment form. Permanent employment is the general rule. Temporary employment always requires special authorisation, see the Civil Service Act § 3, no. 2.

As a rule, all vacancies should be publicly announced. However, the Personnel Regulations § 4 provides certain exceptions to this rule. Furthermore, all appointments should happen following recommendations made by an appointment body. § 11 of the Personnel Regulations allows administrative appointments in certain cases.

How to choose the right

New or vacant position

Hourly paid employee

2. Announcements

Here you will find job descriptions and templates for announcements as well as information about salary determination.

Descriptions and templates

Salary range position

3. The interview process

Tips for the treatment of applicants, interview guides, checking of references and template for recommendations.

Treatment of applicants


Interview guides
Template for reference interview

4. Appointment documents

Here you will find the work agreement with attachments, as well as some assistance documents for the case officer.

Work agreement

Attachments to the work agreement

Assistance documents

5. Promotion and expert assessment

All applicants for teaching and research positions should go through expert assessments. This also applies to academic staff applying for promotion.

Expert committee - composition

Templates and documents


6. HiOA Start

Here you will find documents and check lists for the induction of new employees.

Link to information and registration for the new employee welcome day

7. International recruitment and researcher mobility

Here you will find information about

8. Appointment body - meetings and composition  

Appointments committee for professors, researcher 1 and docents

Here you will find information about the appointments committee as well as meeting dates and contact details.

Composition of the appointments committee: 
  • Rector (or the person authorised by the Rector)
  • A trade union representative (appointed by the trade unions)
  • HR director (or the person authorised)
  • Dean/centre manager at the relevant faculty/centre (or the person authorised)
  • A student representative, with a substitute, appointed by the Student Parliament
 Trade union representative  for the  period of 01.08.16 – 31.07.18:
  • Erik Døving, permanent representative
  • Anne Reidun Dahl, substitute
Student representative:
  • Mikkel Brattset Oddrum (appointed by the Student Parliament)
Deadlines/dates for meetings spring 2017
Deadline for registration in P360 (case draft with attachments) 
Monday 15.00
Meeting date
Wednesday 12.00
January 16th  January 25th
February 20th March 1st
March 20th March 29th
April 18th April 26th
May 15th May 24th
June 12th June 21st

The registration of cases takes place in Public 360. Here is a guide for the registration.

Appointments board and appointments committee in the Central Administration

Here you will find information about meetings and registration for the appointments board -and committee in the central administration.

Meeting dates and deadlines spring 2017

Deadline registration via email

Friday 12.00

Deadline documents in P360

Friday 15.00

Deadline electronic review

Thursday 12.00

Meeting date if needed



13 Jan.

13 Jan.

19 Jan.

20 Jan.


27 Jan.

27 Jan.

2 Feb.

3 Feb.


10 Feb.

10 Feb.

16 Feb.

17 Feb.


24 Feb.

24 Feb.

02 March

03 March


10 March

10 March

16 March

17 March


24 March

24 March

30 March

31 March


7 April

7 April

20 April

21 April


28 April

28 April

04 May

05 May


12 May

12 May

18 May

19 May


26 May 26 May 01 June 02 June  
09 June 09 June 15 June 16 June  
23 June 23 June 29 June 30 June  

*Announcements must be written in Nynorsk. Other documents for the appointments board -and committee may be written in either Bokmål or Nynorsk.


REMEMBER! You must notify about all cases, no later than 12.00am on the Friday one week prior to the meeting date. All documents must be made available to the case officer in the HR Department no later than 3.00pm on the same day. The subject of the email must indicate whether the case should go to the technical and administrative council (TA) or to the teaching and research committee (UF), as well as which meeting date the case is registered for.

It may happen that both meetings are managed by the same case officer, or that another case officer at the HR Department assumes control of the meeting, but as long as the above mentioned registration of cases takes place, these will be in good hands.

Trade union representative in the appointments board -and committee for the period of 1.8.16 - 31.7.18

  • Permanent: Erik Døving
  • Substitute: Anne Reidun Dahl
Faculty of Health Sciences (HF)

Committee (UF)

  • Permanent: Anne Reidun Dahl
  • Substitute: Tore Kr. Schjølberg, Erik Dahlgren
  • Fast: Inger Lise Neslein
  • Substitute: Hilde Sylliaas

Council (TA)

  • Permanent:  Kristin Sletten
  • Substitute: Ingeborg Sunde (from spring 16)
  • Permanent: Hege Maria Bergersen
  • Substitute: Not clarified - waiting response from org.
Faculty of Education and International Studies (LUI)

Committee (UF)

  • Permanent: Mette Vaagan Slåtten
  • Substitute:  Anne WaldropFast: Olav Hovdelien
  • Substitute: Marit Storhaug, Eldbjørg Schön, Anne-Catrine Wolden

Council (TA)

  • Permanent: Bente Johansen
  • Substitute:  Runa Grimstad Wold (from spring 16)
  • Permanent: Eva Skals Johnskareng
  • Substitute: Mariann Tvetene
Faculty of Social Sciences (SAM)

Committee (UF)

  • Permanent: Jon Petter Evensen
  • Substitute: Bennedichte Olsen, Anders Graver Knudsen
  • Permanent: Carsten Ohlmann
  • Substitute: Birgitte Kjos Fonn, Helga Johannesdottir, Svein Fredrik Hjelmås

Council (TA)

  • Permanent: Anne Elisabeth Juul Persbråten
  • Substitute: Tone Gjerding, Terje Svardal
  • Permanent: Bjørg Halvorsen
  • Substitute: Hege Nedberg, Astrid Limandvik (from spring 16)
Faculty of Technology, Art and Design (TKD)

Committee (UF)

  • Permanent: Boning Feng
  • Substitute: Arne Henriksen
  • Permanent: Kirsten Klæbo
  • Substitute: Ragnhild Augustson

Council (TA)

  • Permanent: Brit Balgaard
  • Substitute: Cecilia Novas
  • Permanent: Veslemøy Hollekim Skånlund
  • Substitute: Hanne B. I. Heiervang
Central Administration (FA)

Committee (UF)

  • Permanent: Marit Greek
  • Substitute:  
  • Permanent: Anne Reidun Dahl
  • Substitute: Tore Kr. Schjølberg

Council (TA)

  • Permanent: Amir Haghighifard
  • Substitute:  Kent Grødem, Sean Kjartan Iversen
  • Permanent: Betty Jacobsen
  • Substitute: Tom Syvertsen, Trine Brødremoen

9. Laws and regulations


If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact your local HR contact.