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Privacy Procedures

Personal data may include images, videos, audio or text. Anyone processing information about others must familiarize themselves with, and follow, the legal requirements for this.

Protection of privacy statement

This privacy statement (In Norwegian only) concerns how HiOA collects and processes personal data. 

Notification requirement and concession 

The processing of personal data must be registered or conceded, unless otherwise prescribed by laws or regulations.

Data Protection Officer

From 01.03.2017, HiOA has got its own Data Protection Officer for Administrative Processing (In Norwegian only). The Data Protection Officer will receive notification formes on administrative processing and is a resource person who will help strengthen HiOA's handling of privacy issues.

Data processing agreement

If certain parts of the processing have been made the responsibility of external companies (data processors), a data processing agreement  must be signed. The UH-sector has made a checklist for data processing agreements and a proposal for data processing agreement under new privacy legislation (GDPR, which will enter into force on 25 May 2018)(in Norwegian only). This data processor agreement template is to be used, but has to be customized in each case.

It is your responsibility to ensure that the agreement is in place.The data processing areement must be filed in P360. See procedures for document management and the Norwegian Data Protection Authoritys guidelines for data processor agreement. The data processing agreement that is in english is in accordance with current regulations, but not by new regulations. Case number must be communicated to the Data Protection Officer

Sensitiv personal information

What is sensitive personal information (in Norwegian only) is defined in the Norwegian Personal Data Act.

Access to information and disclosure requirements

All those registered are allowed access to their personal data (In Norwegian only). HiOA has a disclosure requirement in relation to these individuals. Personal data must be sufficiently secured.

More information about protection of privacy on webpage