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Project Internationalisation

Internationalisation is one of HiOA's priorities. The goal is to increase the level and quality of internationalisation in all areas of our organisation.

Why should we become an even more international university?

Through increased focus on internationalisation of education and research, HiOA will encourage its researchers and students to be active players in an international working life and society.


Academic environments and individuals at HiOA are carrying out several good quality internationalisation initiatives, but with varying degrees of planning  to form the framework and direction of the work. In 2016, Project Internationalisation was launched.

The project aims to increase the degree of internationalisation in all parts of HiOA's business. Furthermore, it supports the institution's commitment to high quality development work with internationalisation as an important dimension and its efforts to achieve university status.

Project Internationalisation 

Project Internationalisation consists of five sub-projects with the following priorities:

1) Planning-documents and processes

Many of the academic communities at HiOA focuse on and work systematically with the internationalisation of education and research. At the same time,  HiOA faces the challenge that adopted plans providing the framework and direction for internationalisation at HiOA are developed/recognised at different levels of the organisation.

The sub-project Planning-documents and processes will contribute to:

  • Ensuring that action plans are developed for internationalisation at all levels
  • Strategic choices of international cooperation partners
  • Opportunities for developing qualitative indicators for measuring internationalisation

Project Manager: Benedicte Solheim, Section for Internationalisation, Department of Academic Affairs, Educational Quality and Internationalisation

2) Internationalisation of programme descriptions

HiOA wishes to offer all its students international learning outcomes. To reach this goal, the programme descriptions for each study programme must describe how this may be achieved and must offer good opportunities in terms of international semester opportunities (either a student exchange to a partner institution abroad or other opportunities at HiOA). In addition, HiOA must provide more study programmes and courses  in English.

The sub-project Internationalisation of programme descriptions will contribute to:

  • A revised template for programme descriptions, including international competence in all HiOA’s study programmes
  • An international semester for all education programmes
  • Developing courses and programmes in English
  • Implementing competence measures for the preparation of international learning outcomes in programme plans

Project Manager: Monica Melhus, Section for Academic Affairs and Internationalisation, Faculty of Health Sciences

3) Internationalisation for academic staff

Many of the HiOA's academic employees are engaged in international education and research cooperation. However, more PhD candidates, postdoctoral and academic staff should be actively involved in international education and research cooperation through systematic planning and support schemes.

HiOA recruits international employees to an increasing extent and we need to establish good systems and structures for the reception and integration of this group of employees. Finally, we need to increase the overall level of competence in the organisation with regard to the opportunities offered by international cooperation, with a particular emphasis on international partnership cooperation.

The sub-project Internationalisation for Academic Staff will contribute to:

  • Facilitating an increase in incoming and outgoing mobility of employees
  • International recruitment of academic staff
  • Offering support schemes and implementing skills development measures for employees contributing in increasing internationalisation
  • Offering Norwegian courses for international employees

Project manager: Monica Knutsen de Figueroa, Department of Human Resources

4) Parallel lingualism

HiOA as an organisation does not focus sufficiently on parallel lingualism and on our international target groups.  The objective of the sub-project Parallel lingualism is therefore to establish and implement basic guidelines and procedures in the organisation.

The project also wishes to map the teaching competence in English and to look at measures for skills development for academic staff with a particular focus on PhD candidates and post-doctoral research fellows. The aim of this is to increase the quality of teaching in English and to encourage more academic staff employees to teach in English in the future.

The project wishes to contribute to a change at HiOA with respect to parallel lingualism and in the general focus on internationalisation.

The sub-project Parallel lingualism will contribute to:

  • Preparing guidelines for information in English at HiOA
  • Updating templates to increase the use of English
  • Implementing measures of English skills development of the academic staff

Project Manager: Wenche Larsen, Section for Internationalisation, Department of Academic Affairs, Educational Quality and Internationalisation.

5) Student mobility

HiOA offers several opportunities for students who wish to spend a period abroad at an international partner institution as part of their education. We wish for more students to exploit these opportunities. Through an enhanced quality assurance of agreements and a dissemination of students' experiences with the various exchange opportunities, the subproject will contribute to increasing student exchange and facilitatin for an international campus.

The sub-project Student mobility will contribute to:

  • facilitating for an increased exchange of students
  • Facilitating for an international campus

Project Manager: Kristin Merete Bugge, Management Advisory Services, Faculty of Education and International Studies.

Members of Project Internationalisation 

Project owner: Pro rector Nina Waaler

Project Manager: Benedicte Solheim

You can read more about the project and follow the process by becoming a member of the project group on the Web Workplace for Employees. Sign up by logging in to Intranet / NAP and request membership in the Intranet group here: "Internasjonaliseringsprosjektet".

Work group members:

  • Ingrid Narum, Faculty of Health Sciences (HF)
  • Astrid Oust Janbu, Faculty of Technology, Art and Design (TKD)
  • Kristin Merete Bugge, Faculty of Education and International Studies (LUI)
  • Per Arne Olsen, Faculty of Social Sciences (SAM)
  • Jannecke Wiers-Jenssen, Centre for the Study of Professions (SPS)
  • Kåre Hagen, Centre for Labour and Welfare Research (SVA)
  • Vibeke Helene Moe, Department of Research and Development
  • Monica Knutsen de Figueroa, Department of Human Resources
  • William Sæbø, Student Parliament