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Student administration / Admission and foreign education

Procedures for the start of study 2016

Website under construction. Here is an overview of all the information the Section for Admissions and Counselling (OV) is responsible for and of what the different faculties must do relating to the start of study.

Here you will find information about the following:

  • Connection between admission study programme and study programme - deadline July 15
  • Attendance Lists
  • Registration / cleanup in FS
  • Clearing
  • Reserved place on a programme of study
  • Change of study location
  • Certificate of good conduct issued by the police

Link between admission study programme and study programme - deadline July 15

For bachelor’s degree programmes /one-year programmes in NUCAS, master's degree programmes and further education programmes, the faculties must register which admission study programme /type of study code that must be connected to the different programmes of study. When the applicants are registered as students, the faculties must also state which classes these new students are transferred to. If there are no changes to the study programme, remember to change the date to 2016. These procedures apply to the following admission types at the different faculties:

Faculty of Health Sciences: NOM and MASTER

Faculty of Education and International Studies: NOM, MASTER, MASTER-INT, PPU, ARBFØR and TOLKPB.

Faculty of Social Sciences: NOM, MASTER, MASTER-INT and JBI-FJERN.

Faculty of Technology, Art and Design: NOM, MASTER, MASTER-INT, FOR and PPU.

This must be registered in FS (modul Opptak - bilder - studieprogram/kvote – opptaksstudieprogram – fane Opptakstermin) See image:

Skjermbilde FS - Kobling mellom opptaksstudieprogram og studieprogram

OV wants a response from each faculty by July 15 confirming that the link is made. Send an email to and name it Admission Study Programmes.

Application response for admission in NOM and in the local admission (LOK)

The main admission and the supplementary admission in NOM will be announced to the applicants on 20 July and 29 July respectively. OV makes a continuous evaluation together with the faculties about whether to grant more offers in the clearing, which runs on Tuesdays and Thursdays each week from 2 August. Applicants in LOK got / will get their replies in May / June / July. In LOK the clearing is run when needed. (For more information, see ‘Clearing’.)

Attendance lists

The faculties must do the following with the attendance lists:

  • The faculties themselves must get the attendance lists from FS. For NOM, they can get them from 12:00 am on Monday 15 August. The report FS 101.006 Søkerliste-JaSvar / Møtt / Reservert, MUST be used in both NOM and LOK - preferably with a little extra line spacing. Remember to choose JaSvar in the report.
  • The list is marked with an X for attendance. NB! Write clearly.
  • If someone who is not registered on the list shows up, check this with OV; or telephone (67 23) 50 50.
  • For NOM, the lists must preferably be handed in to OV on Tuesday 16 August; either in person or by emailing a scanned copy to The final deadline for the delivery is Wednesday 17 August 12.00 am. For LOK and for NOM studies with different starts of study, the lists must be handed in to OV as soon as possible after the attendance is taken; either in person, by internal mail, or by emailing a scanned copy to
  • Students that have been allowed to postponed start, but that are registered on the attendance list, must be marked with møtt. Notify OV if the student does not meet up later. Send an email to and mark it with Møtt student + Name of the programme of study + personal identification number or student number

Registration / cleanup in FS

Everyone who has accepted their offers will be registered as students in year group and class(es) in week 31 and 32. PIN letters are sent by e-mail during the same weeks (no earlier than the day after registration). As additional students are admitted, OV continues to register them as students. Newly registered students will be billed straight away and then receive a PIN by email.

If there are students who do not meet up or who withdraw by September 1, the faculties must do the following:

  • notify
  • Mark the email Ikke møtt student or Trukket student (withdrawn student) + Name of the programme of study + personal identification number or student number

OV will maintain the admissions to the programmes of study. The faculties do not have to do anything with these students.

If there are students who do not meet up or who withdraw after September 1, the faculties must do the following:

  • "i Student samlebilde setter dere studenten til ”sluttet”
  • i Dato gyldig til setter dere datoen studenten har sluttet
  • i skillearket Klasse setter dere aktiv = N"
  • notify that the invoice must be cancelled for students who withdraw after 1 September. FS-help runs procedures for the cancellation of invoice details on 1 September.
  • send a message to It is important to do this until October 1, so that if automatic procedures are running, the students will not be reregistered. Mark the email Trukket student (Withdrawn student) + Name of the programme of study + personal identification number or student number

Clearing (etterfylling)

Upon ordering clearing for the first time, you must also provide a contact person on the relevant programme of study. He or she must be available to the applicant for matters concerning offers of admission.

In NOM the first clearing is running after the start of study on Thursday August 18 – the deadline for booking new offers is the same day at 11:00. During the week of the start of studies the admissions for clearing vacancies are running on Monday, Tuesday and Thursday, then on Tuesdays and Thursdays. The last round of admissions organized by the NUCAS is held on Thursday 8 September. However, new students may still be admitted after this date.

In LOK, clearing is held when needed.

The faculties must do the following when offering clearing vacancies:

  • Notify when they wish to offer clearing vacancies and how many.
  • Mark the email Etterfylling + Name  of the programme of study
  • Upon ordering for the first time, a contact person must also be provided

The deadlines for responding will be continuous; it will however take some time - sometimes up to a week - before the applicant is registered as a student. The faculties might therefor find that the student is not registered as such in FS, although their offers of study have been confirmed. OV sends emails containing a PIN the day after the applicant is registered as a student.

We remind you that clearing must be done according to the ranked waiting lists and that the applicants must not be informed about how many clearing vacancies a programme of study has to offer. There are different waiting lists depending on quotas.

There is no point for applicants on waiting lists to show up at the start of study or turn to OV to be allocated clearing vacancies. Everything will happen in writing through the online application. For questions, contact OV.

If the faculties wish to quickly get in touch with the new students, they can get contact information from OV.

Reserved place on a study programme

All inquiries relating to reserved places on a study programme (deferred offers), must be communicated to OV then processes the applications. Mark the e-mail “Reservert studieplass”

Change of study location/ programme of study

The NUCAS board has decided that it will not be possible to change the study location or the programme of study. This also applies to programmes and courses at the same institution or within the same faculty, and includes changing between full and part time studies. Transferring to other study facilities will be possible only after the first year. In LOK, every single case must be evaluated.

Certificate of good conduct issued by the police – only necessary for some programmes of study

In the offer letter, new students will have received information about the requirement for a certificate of good conduct issued by the police and about where to hand it in.

Those with certificates older than three months must obtain a new one. Note that students cannot start their placements until they have provided a valid certificate.

For questions, contact OV; or telephone (67 23) 50 50.

This is how you apply (link)