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Problems with Outlook

If you have problems with opening Outlook on your Windows PC, you must delete the Outlook default profile and add your own.
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    Try the user guide before contacting BIT.

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Outlook profile for Windows 10

1. Mail 

  • Search for "Mail" in the search box in the bottom left corner

Skjermbilde: Søk etter Mail i Windows 10

2.  Show Profiles

Under Mail Setup:

  • Select: Show Profiles...

Skjermbilde: Velg Show Profiles...

3.  Remove profile

  • Click on the profile marked with blue, for example Outlook.
  • Click: Remove
  • Click: OK

Skjermbilde: Slett profilen som er synlig dersom det ikke står ditt brukernavn

4. Add your own profile

You must now add you user profile.

  • Click on: Add

Skjermbilde: Velg Add for å legge til din profil

5. New Profile > Profile Name

Enter your HiOA username:

  • Profile name: HiOA username, e.g. britth
  • Click: OK

Skjermbilde: Skriv inn ditt brukernavn på HiOA

The screenshot below shows an example of a username.

Skjermbilde: Eksempel på brukernavn

6. Always use this profile

In the same window, under Always use this profile:

  • Choose your HiOA username from the list.
  • Click: Apply - so that Outlook always uses this one

Skjermbilde: Under Always use this profile: Velg ditt HiOA-brukernavn, klikk på Apply

6.1 Confirm profile

In the same window, confirm profile if necessary:

  • Click: OK.

Skjermbilde: Klikk på OK til slutt.

7. Auto email account setup

Outlook will immediately start up with your user profile and email address.

  • Click: Next

Skjermbilde: Outlook starter deretter

8. Finish

Complete the setup of your email account.

  • Click: Finish

Skjermbilde: Avslutt Outlook-oppsettet

9. Start Outlook 2016

You may now use Outlook as before.

  • Start Outlook 2016 from the Windows Start menu.

Skjermbilde: Start Outlook 2016 fra HiOA Standard meny

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