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Administrative support

Administrative support

Procurement and finance / Make a procurement

Printing services

Here you will find information about printing and how to order printing services.


Ordering commissions

Remember to use HiOA's corporate visual identity when creating printings.

The contact person at HiOA is: Kjersti Margrethe Gullberg (visual identity) and Morten Riise (for questions regarding the framework agreement)

To order

Commissions can be ordered by sending an e-mail to:

Large files
Booking code

The person ordering must provide:

The unit that orders will receive an invoice for the ordered products. There are no fixed costs.

Important! All orders must be marked clearly with the correct invoice reference / order code!


Collection and delivery of paper originals

Collection / transport
  • Paper originals must be collected by Byråservice’s courier. Contact for more information.

Delivery time for small commissions

  • Small commissions will be delivered no later than 48 hours after the order has been received by Byråservice.
Delivery time for large commissions
  • The delivery time for compendia may vary slightly depending on the scope and number etc.
Collection stations
  • Order the commission as usual.
  • Collection of the commission must be agreed upon with Byråservice via e-mail.

Physical commissions  should be placed at the designated collection stations in the post room at:

  • Kjeller, or in
  • Pilestredet 46 (the Post Centre)
  • Pilestredet 52

Urgent orders

  • For urgent orders, you must contact Byråservice  by telephone to arrange the time of delivery and any extra pay for the urgency /overtime pay.
  • Byråservice, tlf.: 22 04 39 00  

Contact details

Contact persons Byråservice:

Lars Petter Melheim (primary contact)
Phone 99 30 32 02
Mail Address

Håkon Mathiesen (secondary contact)
Phone 91 32 41 69
Mail Address