Preparation for the trip

  1. Webgate profile

    All employee profiles are located and maintained in Webgate, the online booking system for the travel agency.

    To book a trip in Webgate you must enter your credit card details.

    Webgate uses FEIDE login when you are in the university college facilities, i.e. the same username and password as many other of HiOA’s systems and services. If you work remotely, you can use VPN with FEIDE. If you wish to use Webgate on your phone with Berg-Hansen’s app or remotely on your PC without VPN, you must use the username and password that you receive from web support. Go to the link:

    HiOA has arranged for daily automatic profile transfer from the employee databases (HiOABAS and SAP) to the travel agency. This means that most of the data you need to have in your profile to be able to book a trip is already in the system - always up to date - with the exception of credit card numbers and passport numbers.

    If you have not added your mobile phone number in HiOABAS, this will not be included in your profile at Berg-Hansen. If you wish to add it, or to correct an already existing one, so that airlines and the travel agency can communicate with you via SMS, contact BIT or your manager to add this in HiOABAS. It will be updated the next day and stored in your profile. It is not possible to do this manually by yourself. All departments / units have one or more HiOABAS administrators. It will still be possible to request confidentiality of your mobile phone number on the university college's websites. This is done at BIT's website.

    It is very important that you check that you profile contains the correct name according to your passport upon first login. If the name is not correct, this could mean that you do not get to travel to countries like the USA. If you discover an error in the name, notify the payroll office so that they can add the right name in SAP. This will be corrected in your profile during the following day.

    To book trips online in Webgate, you must enter your credit card information in your profile. See information about credit cards for employees.

    You may also update your profile with seat preferences etc. This, together with the credit card number and passport number, will be stored in your profile when you add it yourself.

  2. Travel approval

    All trips must be pre-approved by your immediate supervisor.

    How to make a travel application

    Travel advances

    Travel advances should in theory not be necessary.

    The travel agency Berg-Hansen can send invoices to the university college for all types of tickets if the employee has not used a credit card to pay for the trip. The DNB card that HiOA has a business card agreement with comes with the "Pay later" or "Book-now-pay-later" function, which means that the payment for the trip can be postponed up to 120 days (for a fee of nok 60) if you book long before the trip is to take place.

    However, if a travel advance is absolutely necessary, it should preferably only cover the actual cost you are faced with upon booking, such as registration for seminars that require online payment by credit card, hotel expenses abroad or car rental. Contact a finances co-worker if you are wondering whether you may apply in advance. The advance is entered into the travel application in the SAP portal.


  3. Travel insurance

    When booking trips from Berg-Hansen Reisebyrå AS via telephone or email, travel insurance is always included.

    If you book online and use your credit card, the trip is insured through the credit card company. Make sure to check what kind of insurance your card comes with. You may apply for different credit cards here.

    Read more about travel insurance and other insurances relevant for business trips here .

  4. Use of private car

    Use of private cars must be approved before the trip begins. On a general basis, private cars should only be used if considered an advantage for the employer in terms of costs and time.

    The right to use your private car and to get remuneration for travel expenses during the trip (most affordable public transport), only applies to domestic trips of short distances. The remuneration is calculated as the lowest price of bus / tram, train or shuttle boat.


All travel must be booked through the Berg-Hansen Reisebureau AS. This applies to individual travel and group travel.

Travel agency

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The service phone is available at the same phone number (+47 220) 08050 on all weekdays from 17 p.m. to 08 a.m. and all weekend for urgent cases. Additional service charges will apply.
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