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Health, Safety and Environment / Health and environment

Physical working environment

Here you will find information concerning the physical working environment at OsloMet.

Ventilation and indoor climate

  • Generally the systems run between 06:00 and 18:00.
  • During periods of the year with rapid temperature fluctuations, the ventilation system might seem to be lagging since the temperature inside does not match the outdoor conditions.
  • OsloMet follows the Working Environment Act and the Planning and Building Act
  • More detailed information about ventilation and indoor climate

House rules

  • It is not allowed to bring dogs into the building (this does not apply for guide dogs or service dogs)
  • It is not allowed to bring bicycles into the building
  • Smoking should be done away from the entrances. Look for the designated areas
  • Everyone has a duty to clean up after themselves in the common areas
  • Be environmentally conscious; use the designated recycling stations

Smoke-free areas

  • There is a total ban on smoking in the college’s facilities.
  • Smoking must be done outdoors.
  • Please move away from the entrances, this is a non-smoking area.
  • Some buildings have designated no-smoking zones.
  • To prevent smoke from entering through doors, windows and ventilation systems, smokers must not stand where this can happen.
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