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Retningslinjer for oppfølging av dødsfall

Organisational measures in case of death

What to do when receiving a notification of the death of a student or employee.

Notification of death

Information about the death of a student/employee can come from different persons. In case of notification by phone, ask and note:

  • Name of caller, as well as contact information and relationship with deceased
  • Time of death
  • Cause of death if the caller wishes to share this
  • What information the relatives wish to pass on to colleagues / fellow students
  • Time and place of funeral
  • Contact information of immediate relatives
  • If the caller is a relative – tell him/her we will be in touch shortly.

Notification of deaths and obtained information is given to the faculty director / department director, with a copy to

  • immediate manager /Head of Studies
  • local HR manager
  • the student priest;

Information about a death can be sent by email, but sensitive information – such as cause of death - should not be provided otherwise.

The university must always ensure that notified deaths are confirmed.

It is the faculty director / department director's responsibility to ensure that this is done. If in doubt - contact the student priest for assistance.

After the death has been confirmed

The principal must always be informed.

It is the responsibility of the faculty director / department director to ensure that this is done.

Media inquiries must be communicated to and managed by the director of communications.

  • The identity of the deceased must never be provided to external inquirers.
  • Relatives and affected must be shielded for unwanted attention.

Follow-up of the death

The local HR unit, in cooperation with the immediate manager and / or the study administration, is responsible for the follow-up of deaths.


If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact your local HR contact.