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Tools and support

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Email in Outlook for Mac

How-to set up Outlook macOS.


How-to set up Outlook macOS.

1. Delete your old HiOA account in Outlook, if you've got one.

2. Open Outlook on your Mac.

Click "Preferences" in the Outlook menu.

3. Choose Accounts

4. Choose "Add Email Account".

5. Fill in:

Click: Continue.


6. Log in with Feide using your OsloMet username and password.

Click: Log in.

7. Click: Done to complete your set up.


Delete old HiOA Outlook setup for macOS

1. Start Outlook.

Click: Preferences" in the Outlook menu.

2. Choose Accounts

3. Click on the  -sign in the down left corner to delete your old account.

4. Click Delete to confirm

5. Continue to set up your new OsloMet account.