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Administrative support

Administrative support

Procurement and finance

Making procurements

All procurements must be carried out by a purchaser at your unit to ensure that this is done according to the regulations and the college's procedurest.
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    Send in your demands via "My orders".

My order

If you use My order, you inquiry will get to the correct recipient, regardless of the size of the procurement.

Can I order something on my own?

Only in exceptional circumstances will you be allowed to order products on your own. The goods/ services in question are listed below together with information on how to proceed.

I want to order:

ICT equipment and software

Registering reimbursements

If you have had personal expenses anyway, you will find information about how to proceed in order to get reimbursed here. Remember all the receipts.

Catering for meeting, courses and conferences

Before submitting requests for catering for meetings, you need to familiarise yourself with the guidelines in the Personnel Handbook for State Employees.

  • As a rule, catering is not used for internal meetings unless there are external participants. 

Read more about when catering can be ordered and the different rates.

Major procurements

Procurements of over NOK 500,000 will be done centrally.  Contact the sentral unit for procurements.

More about major procurements over NOK 500.000 here.

Framework agreements

If you need to know which provider HiOA has an agreement with in a specific area, you will find it in the framework agreement catalogue (Avtalekatalogen).

For more information regarding a specific agreement, contact your local purchaser.

NAP Groups

Relevant groups with more information on procurement / purchasing at HiOA: