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Local working environment committee (LWEC) at for the faculty administrations.

Members as of 01.08.2016

LWEC  FA consists of three representatives from the employer party and three representatives from the employee party.

Employee representatives:
Permanent members Position/unit Deputy members Position/Unit
   (FSD) Palle Michael Nielsen Operating Technician/ED
Cecilie Østensen Adviser/Ec Erik Stewart Senior Adviser/Ex.Rel Com
Brita Bye Adviser/HR Knut Limbodal Adviser/ICT
Employer representatives:
Permanent members Position/Unit Deputy members Position/Unit
Geir Haugstveit HR director/HR Julie Backer Head of Section/Ex.Rel Com
Christian Trampe-Ewert Senior Engineer/ED Anne Berit Grindstad Senior adviser/EC
Lars Egeland Learning Centre Dir./ALI Tommy Due-Løvaas ICT director/ICT

The LWEC FA membership lasts for two years.

The manager appointment of the committee rotates between the employer- and employee representatives, for a period of one year. For the academic year of 2016/2017, the employer party by Geir Haugstveit has the manager appointment.

The secretary of the committee is Inger E. Hald.

Meeting plan and minutes 

LWEC-FA holds at least two meeting each term.

Meeting plan

Spring 2017:
  • Wednesday 8 March, 09.40. - 11.30
  • Wednesday 7 June, 09.40 - 11.30



Autumn 2016:

Earlier minutes can be obtained from LWEC-FA's secretary Inger E. Hald.