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Local working environment committee (LWEC) at the Centre for Welfare and Labour Research

LWEC at the Centre for Welfare and Labour Research is a cooperative body working for a satisfactory working environment at the centre. All the departments (AFI, NIBR, NOVA and SIFO) are represented in the committee.


Voting-eligible members from the employer party as of 01.01.17:

Kåre Hagen, Head of Centre (deputy Arild H. Steen, Head of Department AFI)

Hilde Lorentzen, Department Director NIBR

Eivind Jacobsen, Department Director SIFO

Christina Lindskog, HR adviser AFI  (deputy Elsbet Vestvatn, Head of Administration, Management Advisory Services)

Voting-eligible members from the employee party as of 01.01.17:

Tale Hellevik, safety delegate NOVA   (deputy Halvard Naterstad Dyb)

Marit Helgesen, safety delegate NIBR            

Grethe Strand Pedersen, safety delegate SIFO  (deputy Torvald Tangeland)

Elin Borg, safety delegate AFI            


Secretary of LWEC: Christina Lindskog, AFI       


The minutes of the meetings and other relevant information about the committee's work can be found on K:\sva\LAMU for SVA (lsva-f).