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New employees

IT for new employees

Are you new at HiOA? Here is all you need to know about IT at HiOA.

Test your IT knowledge

All new employees at HiOA have to complete a mandatory IT test. The test is short and you  find all necessary information  about the test's different  subjects here.


  • ressurser

    Tip: Use the web pages for IT Support (BIT)


User account | Email and calendarWireless networkRemote access | Mobile phone | Storage | Printing services | Hardware and software | Support


User account

Login to your user account (BITadmin).

From here you can:

Data security

Please acquaint yourself with the  data security regulations.  Take especial note of how to manage, share and delete information (only in Norwegian).

Username and password

You will be given a user name and a password as soon as you are employed.

  • The user name and password are used to log on to all HiOA's PC's, wireless networks and other services.
  • You must change your password within 20 days on your user account (BITadmin).
  • Your password must be changed every 3 months. You will be sent an SMS and en email to remind you of this.

Forgotten password?

  1. Login to your user account (BITadmin)
  2. Select Forgotten password here: User account (BITadmin)
  3. Fill in your data and order a new temporary password.

Password by SMS

Once you have received the SMS password follow the instructions on the website.

  1. Under previous password:  enter the password received by SMS.
  2. Choose a new password.
  3. When the passwork is changed a confirmation will be shown on the website

If you have not registered your mobile number, please contact BIT by email.

Email and calendar

Email account

You get one e-mail account at HiOA. Your immediate manager is responsible for signing you up for different mailing lists so that  you receive information at the level of the organisation you belong to.

The immediate manager must contact BIT by email to notify of this.

Read more about email and calendar and use of Office 365.

Email address

You will be given one email address when employed. "" will be the default email address for every employee.

New e-mail address from 19 Marsch 2018

Read more about email and calendar and use of Office 365.

Email clients

Outlook is the standard client for email on all HiOA's computers as part of the Microsoft Office package that all employees have on their PCs.

Mozilla Thunderbird is preinstalled on every computer and may also be used.

Webmail - email on Internett

Your email account is also available in Office 365 or Fronter (LMS). Log in through Feide with your username and password.

Private email and storage

You may store private emails and files into separate folders marked Private in your home directory (H:\Private) and email in Exchange, i.e. Outlook.

The contents of these folders will not be disclosed to anyone other than you after the end of your employment. The contents of other folders will be released  only after approval from the management.

Wireless network - Wi-Fi

Wireless network - Eduroam

When at HiOA, other educational institutions, and Norwegian airports you can connect to eduroam for free to access wireless internet on PC, tablet or smartphone.

Wi-Fi / Eduroam login: Password: HiOA password

How to login to Eduroam / wireless network - see video here.


Remote access

How you work when not present at HiOA depends on your equipment and the solutions you wish to use. Remote desktop and VPN are the most common solutions for remote access. Read more about remote access here.

Remote desktop

If you often work from home, you should use the service for access to Remote Desktop.

You can access all your files and folders, i.e. file server and full desktop environment as well as other software via remote desktop.

Login to remote desktop (Win-PC) (

  • Login ID: HiOA
  • Password: HiOA password


How to login to remote desktop from Windows PC and Mac OS X.


When outside HiOA networks (eduroam) you can still access files, servers and software through a VPN connection.

Use the preinstalled VPN client «Viscosity» for VPN setup on laptops. Viscosity can also be installed on your private computer.


Connect to home directory (H:)

You can connect to the home directory (H:) or the shared directory (K:) from your personal computer with a VPN connection.

1. Find the name of your file server in your user account (BITadmin).

2. Select from the menu "Server access from outside HiOA's network".

3. Manuals for connecting to file servers:

Mobile phone


Employees with a phone subscription paid by HiOA must make themselves familiar with the guidelines for using mobile phones paid by HiOA.

Email on your mobile phone

Your mobile phone can be setup with Microsoft Exchange at HiOA so that you can access your email and calendar at work.

To set up email and calendar on your mobile phone, you must, for safety reasons, have a six - 6 - digit lock code to access your phone. Read the guidelines for mobile units before setting up Exchange.


Storage and servers

When connected to the HiOA network, both by cable, Eduroam (wireless network) or by VPN connection you get access to the following servers: 

  • Home directory (H:)
  • Shared directory (K:)
  • Web server (W:)

Backup is guaranteed for these file servers.

HiOA also offers cloud storage via OneDrive (Office 365).

Read more about storage at HiOA.

HiOA can not guarantee backup of files, when stored on local drivers, memory sticks,  mobile units, cloud storage etc.

Printing services

All computers at HiOA use Pullprint as the default choice for printing. Pullprint is a centralised queue system for printing at HiOA.  The queue system is called Pullprint and contains several printers. The printout may be retrieved in one of the printers regardless of its location on campus.

  • Print a document (Black and white is default.)
  • On the printer: slide your access card through the mounted card reader.
  • Select "Pullprint" on the screen of the printer: It is also possible to log in manually with a username and password.

Note. Documents are stored for printing on the Pullprint server for 24 hours.


Hardware and software

Portable HiOA computer

Employees given an HiOA laptop must have read the HiOA routines for safe use of software and file storage.

All employees are given an HiOA laptop with Windows10 operating system.

Software on a HiOA PC

All PC's are setup with preinstalled applications / software.

Additional software must be installed through Software Center (Windows 10). Please contact IT Support (BIT) for assistance.

Other available applications through Software Center (Win10) or BIT shortcuts (Win7) on your desktop:
  • Endnote
  • FreeMind
  • Google Chrome
  • VLC
  • iTunes
  • Skype
  • Gimp
  • SPSS
  • +++

If you cannot find the application or need help installing an application, please contact BIT by email.

How to install software on a HiOA computer - see video here.

Software on a private PC

HiOA offers all employees Microsoft software for use on private devices.


How to order hardware and software

Get familiar with the ordering procedures for hardware and software at HiOA.

Standard ICT equipment must be ordered through the ordering system

If you can not find the desired software or hardware, contact your immediate manager, and then order here: Min bestilling.

Special or additional hardware

If BIT does not offer the hardware or software you are in need of, you can order it through after consulting your immediate manager. He/she must approve the hardware/software before ordering.

Free Feide services

You can access a variety of services and resources through Feide with your HiOA username and password.

Feide is a service offered at all educational institutions in Norway. Read more about Feide (

Contact points for support

Personal guidance

IT Support (BIT) also offers personal guidance by phone, or in person at our office at campus Pilestredet (SG29, ground floor) or at campus Kjeller 1st floor (F200/201).

You can also contact BIT by email if you are in need of personal guidance or help:


Please visit our IT support web pages for step-by-step tutorials, and other common IT issues.

System service messages and IT News

Important messages for all employees will be published at

You may also request membership in the IT newsgroup in NAP (Intranet) for further IT information.

Important news will also be sent by email.

Other support

Tools, services and other resources at HiOA.

Contact IT Support (BIT)

IT Support on campus Pilestredet

Phone :
E-mail :
Place/Address :
Time/Opening Hours :
Support phone: Monday to Thursday 08:00-15:45 (Fridays until 15:00). Visiting hours: Monday-Friday: 09:00-15:00
Url :
Report an issue to IT Support (BIT)

IT Support on campus Kjeller

Phone :
E-mail :
Place/Address :
1st floor in the main building
Time/Opening Hours :
Support phone: Monday to Thursday 08:00-15:45 (Fridays until 15:00). Visiting hours: Monday-Friday: 09:00-15:00
Url :
Report an issue to IT Support (BIT)


Url :
Forgotten your password?

System service messages

Url :
System service messages

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