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Administrative support


Letter of intent on a more inclusive workplace - IW

HiOA is an IW business. Through the letter of intent on an inclusive workplace (the IW agreement) the parties in the working life and the government work together for a more inclusive workplace to the benefit of the individual employee, the workplace and the society as a whole.

The overall objective of the IW cooperation is to improve the working environment, strengthen job presence, prevent and reduce absence due to illness and prevent expulsion and dropout from the working life.

The overall objective of the IW cooperation is set out in three sub-goals

  1. Reduction in absence due to illness by 20 percent compared to the level in the second quarter of 2001.
  2. Prevent dropouts and increase the employment of people with disabilities.
  3. Occupational activity after the age of 50 is extended by twelve months (compared with 2009 figures).

Based on the letter of intent between the government and the main organisations in the working life, the individual business can enter into a cooperation agreement for a more inclusive workplace. On this background, the parties at HiOA entered into a new IW agreement for the period 2015-2018. This means that employers, employee representatives, safety representatives and other employees work together to achieve a more inclusive workplace.

As an IW business, the university college has

  • Its own contact person at NAV Working life Center
  • The possibility to apply for Prevention and Facilitation Grants and BHT remuneration from NAV
  • The extended right to use self-certification of absence

HiOA’s plan of action for a more inclusive workplace

A multipartite working group has jointly prepared

HiOA's plan of action for an inclusive workplace.

The plan of action will be reviewed and possibly revised twice a year, 31/12. And 1/7. The plan of action will be presented to IDF and briefed in WEC and local IDF and LWEC meetings.

Contact person in NAV Working life centre Oslo

Elisabeth R. Stenumgård
Mobile number: 977 13 911

Contact person in NAV Working life centre Akershus

Richard Vatten
Mobile number: 906 84 402



If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact your local HR contact.