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Work, holiday and leave


Here you will find information about holidays and holiday leave.
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    Your manager must approve the holiday

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    You apply for days off in the SAP portal

For more information about holiday leave, go to the Employee handbook.

Holiday leave

  • The length of the holiday is 5 weeks - 25 working days.
  • If you are working part-time with weekly days off, these days will be considered as holiday days, cf. section 5, point 1 of the Act Relating to Holidays.
  • You are entitled to full holiday leave even if you have not earned the right to full holiday pay.
  • If you start in a new position after 30 September you are only entitled to one week of holidays.

Applying for holiday

TA employees

  • TA employees must apply for holidays in the SAP portal prior to implementation.
  • The main holiday / the summer holiday will be applied for by 1 May.

TR employees

  • TR employees choosing to have their days off outside of the main holiday / summer holiday must apply for this in the SAP portal prior to implementation.
  • TR employees do not need to apply for a main holiday / summer holiday. Since all their days off must fall in teaching-free periods, the summer holiday will be pre-registered and the work schedule will indicate the net number of working hours – holidays deducted.

Illness during the holiday

  • If you have a 100 per cent sick leave by the beginning of the holiday, the entire holiday may be postponed until later in the year - claims for postponement must be promoted before the last working day before the holiday.
  • With a 100 per cent sick leave during the holiday you may claim to be granted the corresponding number of days later in the year. In this case, a medical certificate (not self-certification of absence) must be delivered immediately after the holiday is over.
  • Illness of persons other than the employee do not entitle him / her to postpone the holiday.
  • Days off that have not been taken advantage of due to illness are automatically transferred to the subsequent year.

Disbursement of holiday pay

  • The calculation is done in June and the holiday pay allowance is disbursed along with the June salary.

Transfer / advance payment

  • 14 paid days off may be transferred to the subsequent year (2 weeks according to the Act Relating to Holidays, as well as 4 days of contractual holiday). Applying is not necessary.
  • Advance leave can be arranged for, but only for the number of days you have earned holiday pay for.

Holiday pay during paid leave of absence

  • In case of illness during paid leave of absence, you will earn the right to holiday pay. Leave of absence with partial salary will affect the earning possibilities.

Ta i bruk DFØ-appen

  • I DFØ-appen kan du blant annet:
  • - stemple inn og ut
  • - registrere overtid
  • - sende fraværssøknad 
  • - registrere og levere reiseregning
  • - søke refusjon av utgifter
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