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Our HiOA

Our HiOA


Green HiOA

The green choices are some of the most important choices we make. OsloMet wishes to make some of these desicions easier by providing relevant research and education and by pursuing environmentally friendly choices in all processes.



The green project

As an educational institution, OsloMet is responsible for raising  the students' and staff's awareness of sustainability and safeguarding of the environment. OsloMe wishes its employees to be environmentally conscious and its students to graduate with the skills necessary to meet future environmental challenges with innovative actions and sustainable solutions.

During spring 2016, the project "Green OsloMet" was launched with broad representation from OsloMet.

  • A strategy for environmental work must be drawn up and made accessible on OsloMet’s websites. This should not represent an individual initiative running alongside other projects and processes, but rather an integral part of all OsloMet’s strategies. It is particularly important to let employees and students know that anyone can contribute!
  • An action plan linked to OsloMet’s strategy plan and the plan of becoming a university should be drawn up for short and long term measures,
  • Identify and document status quo at the various faculties and units. Clarify what has been done and what is currently being done with regards to sustainability, climate and environmental measures within the key areas of research, innovation, education and communication.
  • Highlight and collect good examples, e.g. create a database of the various faculties and units.
  • Identify and document the status of the main administrative areas, clarify which environmental measures have been undertaken and what is currently being done.
  • Enter goals and points of improvement into a schedule.
  • Inform about and draw attention to what is being done and justify the measures undertaken.

OsloMet’s environmental initiatives

The project Green OsloMet

The project Green OsloMet was launched in 2016 to promote  and put the green choices on the agenda.

Membership in Grønt Punkt

OsloMet is a member of Grønt Punkt (membership for companies that do not produce or use packaging). The control members are companies and public firms that make purchases from Norwegian providers of goods. As a control member, we encourage the companies with which we have stipulated purchase agreements to be determined about collecting and recycling packaging. 

Electric car priority

OsloMet is currently in the process of replacing our three cars with electric and hybrid cars. In addition we have 10 electric vehicle charging stations on campus Kjeller, as well as parking spaces with charging stations at the street level at campus Pilestredet.

Outdoor bike parking 

  • P35: 120 outdoore bike parking spaces facing Pilestredet
  • P40
  • Between P46 and P48

Bike parking for employees

We now have 8 bicycle stalls and stands for employees. A card reader will be installed on all bicycle stalls so that all employees  can access  them with a card and a code.

This is where you may find bicycle stalls today:

  • 20 indoor spaces in the  driveway down to the garage (not bike stalls, but  it is possible to lock the bike to the bike stand)
  • 20 spaces in room H032 - (lock cylinder that can be used with all office keys in P35 - card reader will be installed)
  • Bike cage in room N010.039
  • Q2U021B (26 m2 brutto)
  • Q1U022 (24 m2 brutto)
  • Room 136 (42 m2 brutto)
  • X681 (7 m2 brutto)
  • X059 (24 m2 brutto)

We are working to install more bike stalls, a single bike repair hub and maybe with time, we will be able to create an all-year indoor washing station.

City bikes

There are three stands for city bikes on campus Pilestredet.

Public transport

We encourage all students and employees to use sustainable measures of transport going to and from OsloMet. All our three campuses; Kjeller, Pilestredet and Sandvika, enjoy good public transport services.

  • Kjeller: bus connection to the train station in Lillestrøm, Oslo and the surrounding region.
  • Pilestredet: the National Theatre train station is in walking distance, there is a tram stop right by the campus and there are several bus stops nearby.
  • Sandvika: Sandvika Train Station is just 500 meters from the campus and there are several options for bus transport nearby.

Video conference rooms

Since the merger we have invested in modern video conferencing equipment, and in line with the increased demand,moore rooms will be equipped with these tools to facilitate for video meetings/conferences.

On the web page where employees can book flights, there is a distinct part that asks whether the journey can be replaced with a video meeting. A link to the information page about video conference rooms is also provided on the same page. 

We have also created a video conference room adapted for job interviews. This way, candidates do not need to travel to us and we avoid additional expenses related to their journey. It also lowers the threshold for considering foreign candidates.


  • On campus Pilestredet we have 10 handicap parking spaces.
  • We have about 100 parking spaces on campus Kjeller.
  • We are now in the middle of the process of moving campus Kjeller to Lillestrøm and one of the requirements is that the train station must be no more than a 7 minute walk away. Therefore there will be no parking spaces on the new campus in Lillestrom.
  • We are continually considering reducing the number of parking spaces. The most recent reduction was made in 2015 on campus Pilestredet.

Renewable heating

Both campus Pilestredet and campus Kjeller are heated by district heating. The new campus in Lillestrøm will only be heated by renewable energy.

Electrical energy measures

OsloMet is systematically working to phase out traditional lighting in favour of LED and demand-controlled lighting. Furthermore, we are planning to improve the management of electric heating.

Ecological stations

Waste sorting stations are centrally located in all our buildings - most of these are easily accessible on the ground floor.

Card readers on printers

All printers / copy machines at OsloMet are disposed with card readers. This is a solution that efficiently reduces paper consumption. During all new phases in the introduction of the card readers (students HiAK, employees HiAK and finally all machines / printers after the merger), we have seen a significant reduction in paper consumption.


  • More and more people read and work digitally - fewer printouts.
  • Digital examination - less paper, less postage (postal deliveries).
  • Video conferences - less travel between campuses and to other parts of the country / world.
  • Live broadcasts (streaming) and recordings of lectures - reduce the need for travel and allow us to offer the same lecture simultaneously on several campuses.
  • Oral examination in video conference rooms - reduces the need to travel for both the sensor and for students from elsewhere in the country.


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