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Digital learning


Fronter will be replaced after Spring term 2018.
Canvas will replace Fronter in August 2018.
Fronter will shut down for staff-members 31st of July 2018.

Switching from Fronter to Canvas 

What happens to Fronter?

  • Many students will use Fronter until August 2018. As of August 2018, all students and staff-members must use Canvas.
It is your own responsibility to download documents or files you want to keep.
Learn more here

What should I do with the documents I have in Fronter?

  • If you want to take care of any documents, download to your OneDrive.
  • How to download files and documents from Fronter - guide (under preparation)
  • You can find more information in Norwegian or you can ask your Fronter/Canvas-contact.

What is Canvas and where can I get to know more?

Who is using Canvas at HiOA?


Employee or External User

Contact your faculty if you need help (see the contact box)


About help for students.

Log on

You log on to Fronter by using your HiOA user name and your own password.


  • Forgotten your password? 
  • I am sure I am using the correct password but I can not access Fronter: Try if you can log on to your User Account.
  • Remember, your User Account will be locked if you have failed six - 6 - times in a row when logging into Fronter. To unlock your User Account you must contact IT Support (BIT)

External User

  • You have received information about your username and password for Fronter from your Fronter contact.
  • Forgotten password or username? Contact the faculty you are working for (see the contact box).


Information about the User Account Fronter for students.



As an employee you can read and write e-mail by using Fronter or Outlook Web App (webmail) via a browser.


Students are using Office 365 as the e-mail system.

Room in Fronter

Fronter is structured by rooms.

Your membership to a room in Fronter is managed by your faculty.

Employee or external user

  • First click on 'Room' -> 'Show all rooms' to see if you can find the room there.
  • If you cannot find the Fronter room, contact your faculty (see contact box), and explain which room you do not have access to.


About rooms in Fronter for students.



Students and staff can send e-mail to their own faculty .