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R&D Guide / Planning

File transfer from Windows

WinSCP is a free file transfer programme for Windows.

1. Download WinSCP (personal PC)

If you wish to install the programme on you personal computer: Download WinSCP.

2. Install WinSCP (HiOA-PC)

If your HiOA PC lacks WinSCP,  you may install it yourself through the BIT shortcut on your desktop.

  1. Find the BIT icon on the desktop.
  2. Follow the instructions for installing software on a HiOA PC (link to internal website - Installing software).

This is what the download page looks like through  the Application Catalog, see  the screenshot below.

Install WinSCP

Step 1

WinSCP Login:

  • File protocol:<select SFTP>
  • Host name: <file server name> E.g.:
    Find your file server (
  • Port number: <type in: 22>
  • User name <enter your HiOA username>
  • Password: <enter your HiOA password>
  • Click Save...

Step 2

  • Under Protocol options -> Preferred SSH protocol version: <Select the number 2>
  • Click Save...

Step 3

The dialogue box  «Warning» will show. 

You will only get asked this the first time you log on.

  • Click Yes to save host key.

Step 4

You have now entered your home directory and you have access to your files. You can move files by dragging and dropping.

  • Left window: files locally on your computer.
  • Right window:  the files on your home directory.