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Tools and support

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Email and calendar for Windows

Setup of Outlook 2016 for Windows.

1. Open Outlook 2016

  1. Go to Windows 10 > Start menu > HiOA Standard menu.
  2. Select: Outlook 2016 or the shortcut from your desktop.

Skjermbilde: Åpne Outlook 2016 fra HiOA Standard meny

2. Outlook 2016

  • Click: Next - see the screenshot below.

Skjermbilde: Åpne Outlook

3. Add an Email Account

  1. Select: Yes
  2. Click: Next

Skjermbilde: Konfigurere konto

3. Auto Account Setup

For a HiOA PC:
  • Automatic configuration of e-mail account for all Windows HiOA PC's during initial startup of Outlook.
For a private PC:

1. Add E-mail Account.

  • Your name: First name and last name.
  • E-mail Address: HiOA e-mail account (e.g. or
  • Password: HiOA password - and repeat it.

2. Click: Next

The screenshot below is from a HiOA PC with auto setup.

Skjermbilde: Legg til kontoinformasjon

The screenshot below is from a private PC.

Skjermbilde: Oppsett av epostkonto for privat PC.

4. Configuration of e-mail account

  1. The account is then activated against the HiOA server. The server name is:
  2. Click: Finish.

Skjermbilde: Epostkonto er fullført.

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