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R&D Guide / Planning

Choosing the right electronic tools and storage sites for research data

The choice of tools and storage sites for storing research data depends on the type of data in question, your current stage in the research process and the number of project team members.

For research projects in which personal data iscollected and / or processed, a data management plan must be drawn up and records must be made of where the data is stored - from collection to final deletion or, possibly, archiving of the data.

Researchers are encouraged to use devices with external storage for audio and video. This way, you will not need to destroy the recording device at the end of the project if it has been used to collect highly sensitive data, as the guidelines indicate. See Audio file processing in research.

Classificaton of data

In order to choose the right storage tool for your research data, you must classify the data by degree of sensitivity and personal identification. Read more about what is sensitive personal data (in Norwegian only).

Storage sites at HiOA

Different storage sites and measures to secure them.

Se procedures for aencrypting files, connections and external storage devices, as well as responsible behaviour and strong passwords on storage sites for research data at HiOA 

Research phases and storage sites

Collection phase - storage sites

  • video recorder
  • Audio recorder
  • Net form (UiO)
  • Questionnaire on paper
  • Interview notes on paper
  • H:/
  • Public 360
  • Mobile disks
  • Memory sticks
  • TSD 2.0

Analysis phase - storage sites

  • H:/
  • Public 360
  • Mobile disks
  • Memory sticks
  • TSD 2.0
  • Mime

Long-term storage - storage locations

Mime research server

Mime is a research server for heavy computational tasks of non-sensitive data, and is not connected to the internet. See proceures for using Mime research server.

Useful links

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Definitions and abbreviations