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Digital learning resources

Here you will find an overview of digital learning resources for teaching.


Læreverkstedet is a production and training initiative with the main purpose of publishing digital textbooks in  Bokskapet. It is organised by the Learning Center and Library along with other partners at Oslo and Akershus University College. The work is coordinated with the HiOA Academy and other joint initiatives.

Teaching resource production

The AV Sevices is HiOA's competence center for audiovisual production. The collegium has special expertise in all fields of study related to video production and has for several years been producing documentaries, advertisements, information and educational films commissioned internally and externally.

Teaching and learning in programmes of professional study

Profesjonsutdanningsportalen (the Portal of professional study programmes) aims to be a resource site for teachers in higher education in general, and in programmes of professional study in particular. The intention of the service is to provide support with improving teaching quality by demonstrating theoretical perspectives, practical ideas and concrete examples of different aspects of teaching situations. The portal is run by the Program for fremragende profesjonskvalifisering at the  Centre for the Study of Professions.