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Cristin contacts

Each faculty has Cristin contacts who guide the faculty's employees and quality assure registered information.

Faculty of Health Sciences

Contact person for the faculty:  Mona Kolstø Otnæss (SHA, AV, NVH) / Kim Henrik Ruud (EO, FYS)

Faculty of Education and International Studies

Contact person for the faculty:  Nina Hestnes

Faculty of Social Sciences

Contact person for the faculty:  Hege Nedberg / Kaarina Ritson

Faculty of Technology, Art and Design

Contact person for the faculty: Cecilia Roberts / Sigrid Wolf

Centre for the Study of Professions

Contact person: Kjersti Lassen

Centre for Welfare and Labour Research

Work Research Institute (AFI). Contact person: Solveig Hæreid

Norwegian Institute for Social Research (NOVA). Contact person: Tordis Korvald / Torhild Sager Halvard Dyp

Norwegian Institute for Urban and Regional research (NIBR). Contact person: Jan-Tore Berghei

Consumption Research Norway (SIFO). Contact person: Alexander Schjøll

The research programme HOV

Contact person: Tanja Strøm

Centre for Senior Citizen Staff

Contact person: Tanja Strøm