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Credit card

Information about credit cards and the travel insurance associated with them.
A shortlist for the travel information at HiOA (PDF for print). In case you need to contact the travel agency or if you need any other information when not in office.


The credit card travel insurance conditions

When booking a trip in Webgate, the travel agency’s online solution, a credit card must be used for the payment. The traveler is then covered by the travel insurance embedded in the card. You can enter any credit card details in your profile and these can be changed from time to time.

HiOA has an agreement with Eurocard Corporate Gold and American Express Corporate Card for charge-free credit cards to be used for business travel. The cards come with personal responsibility and any debts must paid off directly to the credit card company by the individual.

How do I get the Eurocard Corporate Card?

Apply for Eurocard here.

  • The Eurocard has a solution called "pay later". This means that if the trip will take place in the distant future, the invoice may be postponed (up to 180 days for a fee of nok 80) so that you do not need to pay the invoice to the credit card company before you have received the travel settlement.

How do I get the American Express Corporate Card?

Employees who wish to make use of the American Express Corporate Card can fill out the application form below:

Apply online for Amex Corporate Credit Card here.


AMEX Customer service - phone: 22 96 08 00, e-mail:

Transfer of credit card transactions to SAP

If you have a credit card from one of HiOA's credit card supplier for employees mentioned above, the transactions are registered directly into SAP so that the user can tick off the transactions that should be included in the travel expenses account.

This requires that you register your credit card number on  your profile in SAP first. See the guide for registering credit cards in Webgate and for filling out the travel expenses account.

Guidance for using credit card transactions that are registered directly into SAP from Eurocard and American Express.