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Conditions for transfer of faculty owned rooms to the Department of Facilities Management

Select rooms on campus are only accessible to the faculties that own and thus maintain these rooms. The following text is a set of conditions for the transfer of ownership of these rooms to the Department of Facilities Management.

1. General Room Specifications


The room itself and adjoining corridors must be accessible to all students. Students must be able to stay in the adjoining corridors and areas. There should be no sealed off areas, e.g. restrictions on doors for accessing the room.     


It must be possible to configure the room as a general lecture room. There must be tables for students facing the lecturer’s desk. Any installations tied to faculty specific teaching cannot obstruct such a setup. 

Technical equipment

The room will be equipped with AV- and IT-equipment complying with the technical standards for general lecture rooms. The room should not have any form of equipment or installations obstructing these standards. The faculty is responsible for removing all such equipment and installations obstructing ordinary lectures before transferring ownership to the Department of Facilities Management. 

2. Management

Transfer of ownership

After transfer of ownership the Department of Facilities Management will solely be in charge of operations of the room. Hence the room will become a part of the department’s strategy for general lecture rooms. Meaning that the rooms will be considered according the university’s local and central needs. This can result in remodelling of the room or merging it with neighbouring rooms, converting it to a group study room or similar alterations based on aforementioned considerations.  

User Support

After transfer of ownership the Auditorium Support will be responsible for the room. If there is equipment belonging to the faculty that can be classified as special equipment, the faculty will still be responsible for the maintenance of such equipment. 

3. Booking

 It must be possible for all faculties and units to book the room through Oslo Metropolitan University’s booking system. No unit shall have exclusive booking rights cf. previous faculty specific teaching in the transferred room. 

4. Economy and conditions

Technical upgrades        

It is assumed that the Department of Facilities Management has or will be granted resources for necessary upgrades and management of the room being transferred. Necessary technical upgrades must be clarified before any agreement between a unit/faculty and the Department of Facilities Management is finalized.

Technical operations

The Department of Facilities Management stipulates with the transfer that provided assets will make it possible to offer sufficient technical support in the transferred room.