Book your trip

  1. Book online in Webgate

    Book your trip online through Berg-Hansen travel agency. The trip must be approved by your manager before booking.

    How to book online

    You log into Webgate to book your trip.

    • This solution uses FEIDE login when you are in the university college facilities.
    • Outside campus: Use a VPN connection when outside.

    You are encouraged to book trips online in Webgate as means there will be no fees.

    The user guide is not adapted to HiOA in particular and thus some of the information may differ from the internal conditions at the university college, such as the points regarding profile and login information and payment method.

    User Guide Webgate (PDF, in Norwegian only)

    Outside campus

    Please connect your computer or phone / tablet to VPN when outside campus.

    1. Go to the VPN connection setup.
    2. Login Webgate App:
    Use the Webgate app

    If you work remotely with a PC (without VPN) or mobile phone, you must use the Webgate app: Go to Berg-Hansen's mobile application (App).

    This requires a user name and a password which all employees will receive from Berg-Hansen in a welcome email or on demand, see the contact information of the agency (in the top right of this page).

  2. Single trips

    Online booking in Webgate

    • Flights, hotels, rental cars and trains must be booked online in Berg-Hansen’s Webgate, or by using Berg-Hansen's mobile application (App).
    • Webgate has FEIDE login using the same username and password as many other of the HiOA’s systems and services. See more under profile in Webgate.
    • The mobile application requires another username and password that will be sent out from the travel agency. Your mobile phone or tablet will remember the username and password after you enter this in the first time you log in. If you have not received your username and password, you can contact the agency (see contact agency in the top right of this page). You must update your profile in Webgate with your credit card details before you can use the app.
    • To be able to book trips online in Webgate you must enter your credit card details in your profile upon first login. See information about credit cards for employees.
    • There will be no fees from the travel agency when you book your single trip through Webgate.
    • As a user of Webgate, you have access to all the traditional airlines’ fares as well as HiOA’s own contract prices.

    Telephone and email booking

    • Those unable to use a credit card for the payment of the trip cannot use Webgate. In this case the trip must be booked by telephone / email from Berg-Hansen and a booking fee will incur. HiOA’s travel account will be charged for the trip and you will receive an invoice.
    • The booking reference (in Norwegian only) must always be provided when booking by telephone / email.
    • If you are booking directly from the travel agency by telephone or email, see contact agency in the top right of this page.
    • For web support, contact Berg-Hansen on tel. 21 02 44 44 or by email:
    • Berg-Hansen's mobile application can be downloaded for free at or from the App Store, Google Play or Windows Phone Store.
  3. Group travels

    All group trips must be booked via Berg-Hansen.

    • All trips with 10 or more people travelling together are considered group trips. If this is the case, the group department must be contacted.
    • Berg-Hansen will take care of booking flights, hotels, conference venues etc. on seminars and conferences.
    • HiOA’s travel account will be charged for the group travel and an invoice will be sent from American Express. The university college still has a travel account/ invoicing solution agreement with them. For events more than three months ahead, a minimum of 30 % of the total amount will be charged straight away. The remaining amount must be paid no later than 6 weeks before departure. Additional conditions will be disclosed upon booking / confirmation of the trip.
    • All travellers are insured on the journey when booking via Berg-Hansen’s group department, see travel insurance.
    • Group trips with less than 10 people can be booked by a travel agent in Webgate. See more information under booking for others.

    When booking group trips you are advised to provide the following information, if you know this in advance:

    • Airline: Preferred airline company, direct flight or stopover, flight times on selected travel days and if all participants will be travelling together.
    • Hotel: Standard, desired location, room distribution (single / double room, need for meeting rooms, other special needs).
    • Transport: Transfer hotel / restaurants etc.
    • Activities / sightseeing: Any request for different kind of activities.
    • Restaurants: Standard, type of kitchen/ menu, desired location.
    • Budget: Please state the budget for the trip.

    The checklist for booking group trips (.DOC - in Norwegian only) may be filled out ahead of contacting the travel agency.

    If you wish to save money it is wise not to be too specific in your request; leave it to the travel agency to find good deals among its partners.

  4. Booking for others

    Single trips are usually booked by the person travelling, but you can also book single trips on behalf of others if necessary.

    Booking for others in Webgate - all employees

    • It is possible to book trips for others in Webgate, either if you are a designated travel agent (all faculties / units have their own travel agents, see below) or by giving a colleague permission to book a trip for you, e.g. if you want to make sure that you get the same itinerary as those you will be travelling with.
    • If you are not a designated travel agent but still wish to book on behalf of others in Webgate, you must get authorisation from the traveller first. This authorisation is given by the traveller in the "My Profile", "Travel agents", by searching up people and "adding" those who should be able to book. In this case, the role of the “travel agent” is different from that of the designated travel agent who has automatic authorisation to book for others.  
    • Nevertheless, all travellers must have added their credit card details in Webgate if others are to be able to book on behalf of them, because it is the traveller’s credit card that will be charged for the trip.


    The itinerary will be sent out from Berg-Hansen to the traveller by email regardless of who has booked the trip.

    Booking for others outside of Webgate

    Group trips with more than 10 people should usually be booked by a travel agent at the faculty / unit. This cannot be done in Webgate, but must be done by contacting the travel agency, see group travel. It is also possible to book for other employees by telephone or email. It is important to specify whether HiOA's travel account should be charged for the trip (an invoice will be sent) or whether the traveller’s credit card should be charged for it (if entered in the traveller’s profile). In this case, you do not need the same authorisations as above, but you must be able to provide a booking reference. Also external people may book trips that will be paid by HiOA - either by telephone or by email (not in Webgate). Also in this case a booking reference is necessary.

    Booking for others in Webgate –designated travel agents

    List of travel agents / contact persons. Travel agents are automatically authorised to book on behalf of others at their own faculty/ unit. On the site "Book trip", travel agents can create a fixed list of people they usually book for, and you can search among all employees with profiles. Travel agents may also book trips for people without profiles, such as guests and other external people.
  5. Hotel agreements


    The Norwegian Association of Higher Education Institutions’ (UHR) procurement committee has made parallel framework agreements for the entire higher education sector for accommodation in hotels in Norway. The parties to the agreement are:

    • Thon Hotels AS
    • Scandic Hotels AB
    • Nordic Choice Commercial Services AS
    • Rezidor Hotels Norway AS

    The travel agency has our contract prices for overnight accommodation in their search engines. For information about prices etc., contact the travel manager / purchaser at your faculty or unit. Hotels will be booked through the travel agency Berg-Hansen AS.

    The agreements only apply to one-night stays and not to group trips or seminars. For group trips, contact the travel agency Berg-Hansen to get offers.

  6. Airport express bus and train

    Airport express bus

    HiOA has a deal with SAS Flybussen (airport express bus)  - 30 % discount on single journeys between Holbergs plass and Gardermoen. You must show your employee card and say that HiOA has a corporate agreement when you purchase your ticket (it cannot be booked through the travel agency).

    Airport express train  

    Tickets for Flytoget (airport express train)  must be purchased directly from them; they cannot be booked through the travel agency.


    NSB has resigned from all corporate agreements / State agreements and there will therefore no longer be given discounts when purchasing tickets directly from NSB. Regional trains can be booked charge-free in Webgate or via a travel executive officer (for a fee)


All travel must be booked through the Berg-Hansen Reisebureau AS. This applies to individual travel and group travel.

Travel agency

Berg-Hansen Reisebureau AS

Phone :
(+47 220) 08050
E-mail :
Place/Address :
Time/Opening Hours :
Monday to Friday 08-17
The service phone is available at the same phone number (+47 220) 08050 on all weekdays from 17 p.m. to 08 a.m. and all weekend for urgent cases. Additional service charges will apply.
Url :
Webgate - online booking (FEIDE)