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Tools and support

Tools and support

IT Support / Hardware and software

Apple guides

User guides for Apple products like macOS and iOS for iPad and iPhone for access to internal services and tools on HiOA.



Email and calendar

Setup of Outlook 2016 email and calendar for macOS.

Setup of Exchange email and calendar for iOS for iPhone and iPad. Note! Require a setup of 6 digit PIN code for your phone/tablet.

Setup of email with IMAP settings - for all of email clients.

HiOA templates

Connect to HiOA templates for Office 2011 for macOS.


Update password for macOS - when you change to a new password on HiOA, you must also change the password on the Keychain Access on your Mac.

Printing services

Print from mobile devices - for iOS - for print via browser, app or by email.

Install a printer (Pullprint) for private macOS.

Overview of printers for macOS hosted by HiOA.

Remote access

VPN for macOS.

Connect to file server for macOS.

VPN for iOS for iPhone or iPad – the device needs a VPN connection to get access to internal services and tools on HiOA.

Remote desktop

Connect to Remote desktop for macOS.

Remote IT assistance

Download TeamViewer for HiOA Mac - for remote assistance from IT Support. Please make an appointment in advance by contacting BIT/IT support.

Shared mailbox

How to open shared mailbox on Outlook 2016 for macOS (

Software for HiOA Mac

Install additional software on a HiOA Mac - for macOS hosted by HiOA.

Software for home use

Install software for home use for macOS.

Available software: EndNote, NVivo, Hyper Research/Transcribe, SPSS, Viscosity for macOS.

Wireless network eduroam

Connect to wireless network eduroam for macOS

Connect to wireless network eduroam for iOS for iPad and iPhone.

Delete the eduroam profile on your macOS - if you have problems connecting eduroam on HiOA.